What NEO PLASTICS stands for:

We are a market leader in producing superior injection-mold plastic products since 1984 and industrial plastic components and we serve customers in different geographic locations across India and in various sectors.

Our array of components include Valve Cap, Automotive parts, Industrial plastic products, FMCG and Pharmaceutical products, Plastic Cap, Hydraulic fittings etc. which are subject to strict inspection and review time and again.




Why us?

We have acquired the latest technology and assembled the perfect conditions for our manufacturing processes and to add up to this our experts keep a full compliance approach to the quality of the products.

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Our Transformational Journey:

Our manufacturing unit has been in operation since 1984 and since then we have been delivering quality products to our esteemed clients. We boast of a comprehensive list of products which include Automotive Plastic Products, Industrial Plastic Products, FMCG Products, Pharmaceutical Plastic Products etc.

We use first-rate raw materials in accordance with the International Quality Standards. Our distinctive production process is supervised by a devoted team of specialists working in tandem to offer an array of superior products that match the requirements of our customers. Our Quality control process is top notch backed by a professional team verifying each and every parameter that enhances our competence and service.

Unlike our peers, our components cater to the specifications demanded by our clients and we employ customized designs to suit the proposed modules. Over the years we have upgraded our machines from basic models and to modern sophisticated ones.


Other than expanding our levels of business, we also have a core team to research and develop our own products which will be exclusively supplied by us to the industries giving us an edge over our competition.

Thread protection caps and fittings caps protect the externally threaded pipes and components used in industries from dust, moisture, damages, scratching etc. Besides serving as sealing applications during the manufacturing process, these caps also protect against these damages during shipping, storage and finishing processes.