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How can Neo plastics help you?

Neoplastics was established in 1984 and had a dominant hand in the market through its services. Our passion for the work and the manufacturing unit we established over the decades made us stand in a place where we produce a wide range of plastic components. Neoplastics always brings innovation to plastic applications and when it comes to molding plastics for sectors like Electrical, Automotive, Textile, Medical Lab Equipment, and Kitchenware.

The majority of the national firms turn to us first. The trust we have established in our customers through the work and service gives us confidence and inspires us to do more innovations in this field and expand the firm globally to every nook and corner of the globe. We respect the client’s preferences, work according to their ideas, create the mold, and deliver the product of your choice. We pledge to offer high-quality plastic molds and parts with quick turnaround times. Neo plastics never compromises on quality, and we manufacture top-quality products that satisfy the customers and made our mark and recognition in this field. Neo plastics is the company you can rely upon for your plastic needs.

# Redefine the plastic works with Neoplastics
Our products
Plastic Protection Caps
Tyre Valve Caps
Threaded Sealing screw plugs
Polyurethane Dust seal Ring
Industrial Nylon Parts
TPE Washers & Gaskets
Bolt Caps
Rubber / Silicon Parts
Plastic Cap With Aluminium Cover
Plastic Machined Parts

Neoplastics is well known for its services as we try to meet international standards in our services. We have a wide range of services like injection molding services, insert molding services, plastic machined parts services, rubber molding services, etc. You name it; we have it. We even offer customized services to meet customer requirements, as our priority is customer satisfaction. We have an expert team and manufacturing unit pro-handling plastics such as PE, PTEE, POM, NYLON, UHMWPE, and PEEK. So if you are searching for a reliable plastic machining service manufacturer, you are in the right place as Neoplastics is here to assist you and help you.

For more than three decades, we have been in this market of making perfectly molded plastic parts and specialize in injection molding which is a regular part of our work.

# Plastic end cap or plastic protection cap
The exposed ends of a pipe or tube are closed and protected with a plastic end cap. They often come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and are composed of flexible and strong plastic such as polyvinyl chloride; all the products that are manufactured in the industries are meant to be shifted from place to place in this process they may tend to some pressure, the force that may cause damage to the product as quote saying #prevention is better than cure, so to avoid such nightmares of damage we have our plastic end cap which was specialized, designed and experimented on various forms that give complete protection to the products and give a firm grip to the product and save your time, energy and bank balance. Small and minute precautions can save a ton of effort, so take advanced steps to safeguard your product with our plastic end cap that gives 100 per protection.

# Plastic Thread Protector Cap
This belongs to the family of threaded cap called plastic there protector cap, which is made to provide superior protection for your applications. These threaded caps are frequently employed to safeguard the threaded components by keeping out all the alien threats and are most commonly used in automotive, fluid power, and engineering industries. These caps are made from the best quality plastics and are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy installation. These are customized according to the customer requirements of their firm. Your product protection is our responsibility to secure your product with our plastic thread protector caps.

# Grease Nipple Cap
The grease nipple cases we provide are inexpensive and are the best way to shield grease nipples from dirt entry while they are not in contact with their mating component. The cap is incorporated with a collar for a comfortable and strong grip and a holding washer that helps to keep it in position.
Features of our product
1. Grease nipple caps we provide act as a lubricating liquid on mechanical parts such as bearing housings and other mechanical equipment
2. Our product act as a lubricating gel on the bearings and gives a tight grip, and avoids cracking and breaking
3. Our product is quite economical and effective in terms of performance.

# Industrial Protection Caps
This protective cap acts as a protective layer and provides safety to the delicate threads of products like a thread protector, a CNC pipe threading machine, and a thread protector. The chances of breakages or cracks in these products while storage, exports, and imports are high, and that causes loss to the firm. To avoid this kind of accident, Neo plastics offers a wide range of caps for fragile thread during export, import, and storage, that are user-friendly, drip resistant, and accustomed to a unique design that provides the best fit benefiting customers and manufacturers. In addition, our company provides customized products available in various sizes, colors, and styles.

We provide protective caps for such pipe ends that are not only strong but also heat resistant, and the collar of the cap is designed in such a way that it gives an easy grip and fits perfectly; the installation is very easy and doesn’t need any expert station. Moreover, our caps are corrosion-free and easy to remove and fit.

# NPT Thread Protecting Cap
These threads are a must in every engineering, pneumatic, and hydraulic sector as this keeps the ports safe and in place while the product undergoes pressure tests and internal processing. Our NTP threads protecting caps and thread have the best fits and are available in various designs, and user-friendly installation is the secret mantra of our product. In addition, our product protects threaded components from moisture and dust, starting from production to export and storage.

# RF Connector Dust cap
By using our RF connector dust cap, you are just making a secure move, i.e., your components are 100% shielded from atmospheric precipitation changes, dust, and any mishandling, whether it may be during manufacturing, in the way of transport, or in the room of storage.
Your product protection is our product responsibility. But, as in all our products, the common, unique feature is the customization that gives customers a kind of satisfaction. This product is also available in various colors, and they are installation-friendly and corrosion free.

# Hydraulic Fitting Thread Protection Cap
These caps are made from polypropylene and are smartly designed specifically for your use. Our product prevents threaded components from any external and internal damage and protects against heat, temperature, moisture, etc. These are also customizable and available in various designs and colors. So all your hydraulic components are safe in the hands of our hydraulic fitting thread protection cap.

The above services provided by neoplastics are top-notch and would be the best choice if you are looking for any of the services mentioned in the blog. We offer top quality with customer customization. With our knowledge over decades, we are upgrading and improving our service with the top manufacturing unit to read our customers’ minds and fulfill your plastic needs.
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1. What is neoplastics meant for?
Neo plastics is a plastic manufacturing company with expertise in all plastic products, from home usage to industrial usage.

What types of plastic components does Neoplastics produce?
Neoplastics produces a variety of plastic components, including injection molded parts, blow molded parts, extruded parts, and thermoformed parts.

What industries does Neoplastics serve?
Neoplastics serve a wide range of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing.

What materials does Neoplastics work with?
Neoplastics works with a wide range of materials, including thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers.

What is the production capacity of Neoplastics?
Neoplastics has a production capacity of over 500,000 parts per day.

What quality standards does Neoplastics adhere to?
Neoplastics adheres to a variety of quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Does Neoplastics offer custom design and development services? Or 2. Are the products customizable?
Neoplastics offers custom design and development services to help customers create plastic components that meet their specific needs. We are always available for your service. Contact us: +919333333549.

What is Neoplastics’ approach to sustainability?
Neoplastics are committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. They use recycled materials whenever possible and have implemented energy-efficient manufacturing processes.